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PrIM application

The PrIM application examples listed here anonymously have been implemented for a wide variety of clients and tasks.

PrIM applications for our clients:

  • Promotional presentation of education, training and continuing education in the education system of a large corporation (automotive)
  • Optimization of resources in the economic crisis of 2008-09 while preserving all jobs (educational institution, market leader)
  • Adaptation of the organization and brand architecture in the structural change of an industry (large bakery chain)
  • Support of the development of an internet innovation consulting a startup (regionalisation of the internet by a city name as the top level domain)
  • Conceptual framework for a proposed legislation for the re-education of difficult-to-educate youth (social entrepreneurs)
  • Preparation of (re-)certification of a company through ISO-compliant quality management (medical technology facilities)
  • Business-specific compliance implementation according to ISO standard (transparent customized process design)
  • Planned multi-stakeholder integration in the structural change of a region (former lignite region)
  • Content development for core identity, positioning, vision, claims and statements (for start-up or change)
  • Business analysis, needs assessment, implementation support from within the organization (several companies and organizations)
  • Goal setting for company, marketing and communications (organizational, divisional and individual targets)
  • Structural and supply changes according to stage goals (future orientation, planned change)
  • Moderation of conflicts, generational change, adaptation processes (in case of actual events)
  • Projection of fictional events and conditions onto the company situation (scenario development)
  • Integration of departments, technologies, new products, etc. (coordination of the parties involved; multi-stakeholder integration)
  • etc.
PrIM case studies

The PrIM Identity Matrix can be applied and put together for virtually any topic relating to the organisation and identity of projects or companies. Examples of the use of PrIM in actual projects with our clients will only be presented in person.

  • A list of PrIM applications can be found above in PrIM application.