according to ISO 19600:2014 means the fulfillment of all obligations of an organization or enterprise. These are prescribed obligations (laws, standards, etc.) as well as voluntary obligations (codes of conduct, industry standards, etc.). Compliance is an area of corporate culture, without corporate culture compliance does not work.

Compliance aims at risk avoidance and process optimization in an organisation. The implementation of compliance considers all conceivable internal and external influences. It follows the principles

  • good corporate governance ("tone from the top"),
  • proportionality (purpose, nature, size of the enterprise),
  • transparency and sustainability (control and improvement), and
  • flexible application (demand).

The focus is on people, culture and communication in an organisation.

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The PrIM Compliance Matrix supports the planned implementation of compliance in companies 'from the inside out'. It meets the specific requirements of a company's purpose.

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