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Dr. Markus Erbach

Dr. Markus Erbach is a business consultant and researcher, and the founder of Pragmatic Identity Matching (PrIM), based in Berlin, Germany.

PrIM is a proven interdisciplinary structural-scientific approach for planned content integration. It is based on semiotics, social psychology, and economic sciences. Originally developed in the context of Dr. Erbach’s doctoral research and dissertation, PrIM’s methodology has been successfully applied by private companies, public authorities, and non-profit organisations.

PrIM was first presented to international audiences in 2014, at the City University of New York (‘New Technologies in the Digital Humanities’) and in Zurich, Switzerland (‘13th International Science-to-Business Marketing Conference on Cross-Organisational Value Creation’). In 2016, an article on PrIM as applied to Targeted Open Innovation (see link below) was published in the Springer Journal of the Knowledge Economy (USA). In September 2019, Dr. Erbach presented PrIM at the 6th Global Congress of the Knowledge Economy in Qingdao, China. He applied PrIM to the management of economic sustainability of the Belt and Road Initiative (New Silk Road).

In his presentation "Managing Economic Sustainability of the Belt and Road Initiative by Applying Pragmatic Identity Matching PrIM" (September 22, 2019 in Qingdao, China), Dr. Erbach PrIM referred to the integration task of the new Chinese Silk Road (now called Belt and Road Initiative BRI) as an example. Here the focus was on the planned connection of the global Chinese initiative with the different cultures of the cooperating partners, taking into account the regionally different development interests. The presentation showed how the vision of sustainable global prosperity "Peaceful cooperation for the wealth and cultural exchange of all nations" (Xi Jinping 2013) can succeed. Dr. Markus Erbach also chaired the congress panel "Economic Sustainability" as chair. Link to the short description on Linkedin from October 2019:

During the pandemic, Dr. Erbach deepened the topic of global multicultural integration challenges of the Belt and Road Initiative. His scientific article on this topic was published in the renowned Springer Nature Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in September 2021:

Developing organisational identity in multi-stakeholder relations has been Markus Erbach’s passion since he wrote his first diploma thesis as a corporate designer for Mercedes Benz in Mannheim (1988). His second diploma thesis, ‘Identity in Hypermedia’ written for a degree in Social and Business Communications at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin, 1997), describes non-linear conditions for organisational identity. Dr. Erbach has lectured at private and public universities in Germany (2000-2010), and following the publication of his dissertation in 2011, has dedicated himself to the further development of PrIM and its application to companies and organisations. In 2015-16, Dr. Erbach founded the PrIM Academy, where consultants can obtain qualification as PrIM Moderators.

Affiliation: The Pragmatic Identity Matching Research is affiliated since 2014 at HMKW Berlin (Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft Berlin). HMKW was renamed Media University of Applied Sciences in 2024.


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Springer Journal of the Knowledge Economy, DOI 10.1007/s13132-015-0293-0

You are the team, we guide your work

PrIM provides the framework for our leadership workshops. We moderate the earnings development according to the given conditions (company, competitors, markets, special challenges, etc.) and set goals.

For example, during the economic crisis of 2008-2009, we ran a workshop for a client's 17 executives with the ambitious goal of "cutting costs while maintaining the product quality and preserving all jobs." Ten years on (2019), this company has doubled his customer and sales volume. The team in this case consisted of the clients senior staff members and our PrIM moderators. We believe that everything a company needs to meet a challenge or to achieve a goal is already available within the company. Only in special cases are external experts called in to solve special tasks.

Cooperation with network partners

In the vast context of identity and organisational development, PrIM Consulting can comprise a wide variety of tasks. In addition to supporting our own clients, we work with various experts, consultants and agencies.

  • Design, advertising, brand and PR agencies, for whose clients we act as experts to solve partial tasks of brand development as part of a given project;
  • Digital transformation agencies, IT service providers and programmers, for which we, as cooperation partners for content development and target group orientation, create communication fundamentals;
  • Accountants, tax consultants and lawyers, whose clients we help to precisely define needs in corporate positioning, content determination, and identity development;
  • Other intermediaries and consultants, with whom we realise complementary projects using PrIM.