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Consulting with Pragmatic Identity Matching "PrIM"

For the benefit of your company and for project developments in cooperation with others, we bring together a diverse range of people, interests and cultures.

PrIM provides a holistic model of integrative thinking and cooperative action that enables companies to synergise various mind sets, interests and goals. Using PrIM, we moderate innovative development processes, involving all participants, departments, and contents. Our Topics are

 Company and Organisation Culture and Identity Brand and Communication Targeted Innovation and Change Quality and Compliance Economic Sustainability Multi-Stakeholder Integration

PrIM philosophy and benefits

We propose that virtually everything a business needs is already available in the business. At the core of our process, we use the PrIM Identity Matrix to connect the status quo at your company with the complex goals of innovative development, and build a bridge between the two.

The Matrix transparently identifies the criteria necessary for your company's success. This ensures that 'intra-organisational and inter-organisational' content - i.e.content within and content between organisations - is integrated to achieve the development goals. We rely on the skills and creativity of our clients whom we empower for the success of the project through purposeful guidance. We only involve external experts and research as needed. This leads to sustainable solutions because they come 'from the inside out'. The only prerequisite: the client engages with us, but above all, with himself and his own organisation to contribute to the best solution.

You benefit in all areas:
  • Market- and customer-oriented products and services
  • Improved processes and communications
  • Identity awareness and value orientation
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Transparency and sustainability
Selecting the focus of our consultation

The PrIM Identity Matrix can be applied and put together for virtually any topic relating to the organisation and identity of projects or companies.

Selection of topics:

  • Targeted innovation development and change
  • Human-friendly digitalisation
  • Collaborative value creation in agile working environments
  • Integrated corporate and brand communication
  • Customer-oriented quality management
  • Implementation of compliance and sustainability
  • Integration in M & A processes, etc.
Our consulting formats:
  • PrIM Keynote (topics according to interests)
  • PrIM Analysis (brand, product, project, company, cooperation)
  • PrIM Identity Matching (structured comparison and matching)
  • PrIM Target Pyramid (corporate, divisional and individual goals)
  • PrIM Brand Workshop (core identity, positioning, vision, naming, claim)
  • PrIM Quality Management and PrIM Compliance Management
  • PrIM Project (individual topics and scaling)