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Invitation to the presentation of Dr. Erbach in Qingdao, China

16 Sep 2019
by Markus Erbach

We cordially invite you to the presentation of Dr. Markus Erbach at the "6th Global Congress of the Knowledge Economy" September 22, 2019 in Qingdao, China.

In his lecture "Managing Economic Sustainability of the Belt and Road Initiative by Applying Pragmatic Identity Matching PrIM", Dr. Erbach will apply PrIM exemplarily to the management of economic sustainability of the new Chinese Silk Road (today called: Belt and Road Initiative). The challenge of the global Chinese initiative is to succesfully integrate the different cultures of the cooperating partners, taking into account the regionally different development interests. The lecture shows how the vision of sustainable global prosperity "Peaceful cooperation for the wealth and cultural exchange of all nations" (Xi Jinping 2013) could be successfully implemented. Dr. Erbach will also chair the "Economic Sustainability" congress panel. Klick here to read my report on Linkedin after my return from China.

New PrIM Consulting website launched

15 Sep 2019
by Markus Erbach

On the occasion of the positive development of the application of the research approach Pragmatic Identity Matching PrIM in business enterprises and organisations, it is time for a new website: With the beautiful and simple internet address it went online on September 15, 2019.